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Reiki Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some faqs about Reiki and what it does!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If our “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stressed, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki flows through the practitioner into the client. The practitioner is like the straw for the Reiki to flow through to the person receiving the treatment. The person receiving the treatment is the one actually allowing the Reiki in to help them balance, clear, cleanse, and heal.  Reiki works mind, body, and spirit and can help the person receiving the Reiki on all levels to achieve inner balance. It is like getting a wonderful massage without the manipulation.


Why get Reiki?

Reiki helps balance the body. It relieves stress, balances the charkas and allows the body to relax and release. It helps your energy flow correctly. It works on the mind, body and spirit levels. Therefore, it reduces stress and promotes healing. Reiki is one of the best ways to achieve a healthier state of being. It works with your regular medical practitioners and any other modality there is. It can be a complement to anything: medical care, holistic care, massage or any other energy work. Reiki is a “life force” energy,  it works to help the body achieve its own perfect state. I often tell people the best way to understand Reiki is to come in and try it. The experience of the energy is the best way to experience how it can help. I do truly believe that we should all get Reiki because it benefits all of us!


How often should I get a Reiki treatment?

I believe the body tells us when we need energy work done. I have some clients who come once a week, some come once a month. Some come once every other month. Some come even more often if they are having problems such as broken bones, a recent surgery or a need for balance because of an emotional thing they are dealing with. I think it is a personal choice.


Most people come to get Reiki to relax and achieve more balance in their lives. That can be balance for different reasons. I have worked with people who have physical injuries, people with sinus issues, cancer, and emotional issues: like a break up or death in the family. I have also had some clients who are struggling with spiritual issues. The best thing about Reiki is it only has a positive flow and it can help people on all of these levels! It works with any and all other modalities and compliments everything you do with your regular doctor and or counselor.


If someone has long term back pain and they come in for a treatment believing their pain will stop, can Reiki work?

Yes, I have actually seen that happen. In my experience with this client, I know that she was ready for this to be the truth for her. She had a 30-minute. session, when we were done she said her back was no longer in pain. I have seen her many times since and she no longer has an issue with her back.  A lot of the work individuals do with Reiki is somewhat based on their ability to allow the flow of the Reiki in and to allow it to help promote healing.


Does Reiki help after any medical procedure?

Yes. Reiki can actually help before and after any medical procedure. I find in clients that go through surgery and come to get Reiki before-hand that they get through the procedure faster and then heal sooner. If they come to see me after a surgery or other type of medical procedure and we work on helping them get back to a healthy state, that may be achieved at a quicker rate than those who do not receive Reiki. I actually had an individual who was on a sports team and had hurt himself and required surgery. He was told he would not return to the sport for the rest of the year. He came in after surgery to get Reiki. We did about an hour or so. Within 2 weeks he was back on the team.

Can Reiki help my plants, trees and garden?

Yes. Reiki helps all living things. I had a friend who was unsure of Reiki and what it does. She was just getting ready to plant her garden last spring.  She had a small flat of flowers on her kitchen counter. There were little buds sprouting up from most of the little plant bundles in the flat but there was about 6 of them that just looked like they were not going to make it. They have little leaves but they were a bit brown and drooping. She was just going to throw them out. I told her to wait a minute. I would Reiki them. She was a bit wary but she let me do it. I gave them just a tiny bit of water and then I placed my hands over them. Within a few minutes the little plants were reaching up and out for my hands and the rest of the plants were all leaning towards my hands like they were the sun. My friend said, “If I was not seeing this with my own two eyes, I would not have ever believed it!” She planted those 6 plants along with all the others and they grew stronger and more vibrant than all the rest. Then she called me and asked to read my Reiki manual.  Now she is thinking about learning Reiki herself!

Who can get Reiki?

Anyone and anything can get Reiki. We are all living and the “Universal Life Force Energy” flows through all of us and all of the things that are created on this earth. Reiki works on animals, plants, and yes even cars, buildings etc… I have worked with pregnant mothers-to-be whose children in the womb are getting Reiki. I have worked with the elderly and even those who are ready to transition home. There is no age limit.  I worked with animals and plants. I have Reiki’d blankets, food, necklaces, homes. etc.. I even have a line of Reiki products that can help further achieve health, well being, and balance. Reiki can truly be added to anything and everything and it will help.

If you do happen to be a skeptic the Reiki will still work and flow?

Yes, because you are still open enough to allow the treatment. Even if you are blocking a portion of the Reiki it will get in and it will still help. I had someone come in who had been given their session as a gift, They really were not open to it much at all. This client pretty much slept through the whole session. When we were done I asked what they thought. They told me that they didn’t really feel much except the heat from my hands, although, they did feel relaxed and more balanced. They did say “well I have not been sleeping at all and I was given this gift so I could relax.”  I said “Well, you slept on my table for almost the whole hour and you did just say that you feel more balanced and relaxed so we did achieve that for you with this session.”  So, yes the Reiki helped this individual with the goals that they actually came in with even though they didn’t think it would do anything for them.

Does Reiki replace conventional medical care?

NO. Reiki is used along with your regular medical care. It helps enhance healing and works in unison with your regular care.  You can Reiki medications and procedures. You can even send Reiki to your surgeon or doctor if you need to have any medical procedure done. Reiki is a wonderful asset to have along with a wonderful  medical team.


Can  Reiki help my pet?

Yes. I have worked with several animal clients. I have a cat that I have worked with that was diagnosed with cancer and was given 3 month to live by the vet. This kitty has still been here for 4 years and her tumor has gotten smaller and she is doing very well.  I have also had a friend call and ask me to come over and help get her dog ready for a procedure where they would be removing a tumor form the dog’s side. I went over I did about a half hour of Reiki with the dog. Some of it was hands on and some of it was beaming to him. The next day after her appointment I got a call from the friend,  she said the vet was astounded! They went to prep the dog, and the tumor was gone. I believe that animals tend to work with the Reiki at a faster rate because most don’t have mental blocks and again it depends on the life path of that animal. My own dog had cancer and I helped her find comfort through the chemo treatments and when it was time I helped her cross over with Reiki. I believe it made her transition a peaceful one.  She passed peacefully in my arms as I gave her Reiki.

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