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Sacred Soul Reiki comes together with other trusted practiitioners to give you special packages with a combination of services for a set price.  Check out some of our deals below!

Couples Special:

The couples special is perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day or any day you want to relax with your partner, friend, sibling or anyone else you want to bring! This package includes a full 30 minutes of Reiki and 30 minutes of massage for both of you, which is 60 minutes of service each. We will be providing extra snacks, such as chocolates and sparkling love punch. To make your experience even more special the music during your service will be romance inspired. Because we want to ensure the most incredible Valentine's Day experience possible, if there are songs from your relationship you wish to hear during your session let us know!  


Cost of this couples spa package is $125.00 


To book please call or text Linda: 440-823-0918

Customized Events:


I offer many classes that can be customized to your needs.  Some of the topics are: Angels of Abundance and Prosperity, Angels of Healing, Self Love, or Dreams, Faith, Guardian Angels.  That is only a short list, but there are so many others.  Get a group together and make a night of it.  Have some fun and learn about how to communicate with the angels so they will work with you!


Send me a message, call or text for details!

Reiki Gift Certificates:


Reiki gift certificates make wonderful gifts for your friends and family! Reiki gift certificates from Linda also come with a sample of Reiki Tea and bath salts! These can be redeemed any time, to purchase a gift certificate contact Linda. To schedule an appointment from your gift certificate click the reiki picture on the left!

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