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Each Class is $50. Which is $200 for the entire series. You can preregister by clicking on the paypal button and get ALL FOUR classes for $150. 

Class Dates!

1st Class:  June 13th

2nd Class: June 27th

3rd Class: July 11th

Final Class: July 25th


The class will be held at Sacred Soul Reiki

Located at

20575 Center Ridge Road

Rocky River, OH 44116

Advanced Angel Communication Class


In June I will be starting a 4 part class series to teach you how to work with the angels the way that I do.


This series of classes will help you learn to interact with and talk to the angels. We will be walking you through a step by step plan on how to open yourself up and allow the interactions with these amazing beings. I will show you the techniques that I personally have learned and taught myself on how to work with, hear and understand the angels and their messages. This class is meant to open you up to truly being able to communicate with your angels, because of this there will be homework involved as well as the things we do in class. Since our goal is to get you to the place where you can truly communicate with the angels and that takes practice!


First Class:

The first class will be Saturday June 13thth from 1:00 to about 3:30pm. The next class dates will be June the 27th, July the 11th and July the 25th and will be held from 1:00pm to 3:30pm. The cost of the class will be $50.00per class, if you preregister and prepay for the class the cost of the class will be $150.00 and if you preregister and pay in full at the first class the cost will be $180.00, or you can pay as you go $50.00 a class. So by preregistering and prepaying you save $50.00, by registering and pay in full the first night of class you will get $20.00 off. This class size will be limited, so please let me know if you will be joining the class and how you prefer to pay for it.

Class Outline

Outline For Advanced Angle Communication

Although you do not need to necessarily take all of the classes, It would be helpful to go through each level to gain full understanding and ability to opening yourself up to the higher realms of communication.  These classes are set up in secession so that you are learning and moving into the higher realms of communication in a specific order. These are tips, exercises, vibrational meditations and teachings that I have personally went through trying to understand and perfect my own communication with the spirit, guides, loved ones who have passed and the angels. Yes you can come to say class three and it will help you open up to the angels, but you may not find that you are opening or connecting at as strong of a level of communication because you did not join us for class 1 and 2.

Class 1- June 13th
1. Opening up your vibration to the higher dimensions
2. Tuning into and understand what vibrational channel you are working with
3. Understanding the process of opening your vibration. The earthly signs and beings.
4. What to expect to hear, see, feel etc…

Class 2- June 27th
1. Opening up to the realm of the spirit guides and loved ones that have passed.
2. Choosing your vibration and what you allow in.
3. Understand the frequencies you are working with.
4. Tools to use and work with to helps your communication to really open up.
Class 3- July 11th
1. Opening up your vibration to the Angelic realm.
2. Understanding the signs, signals and communication with the Angels.
3. Getting to know and work with the Archangels
4. Exercises, tips and techniques to understand Angelic communication
Class 4- July 25th
1.  Opening up your vibration to the quantum field and beyond
2. Communing with the Angles and understand their energy.
3. Merging and furthering your communication with the Archangels and angel teams
4. Opening he lines of communication with the Divine

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