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Archangel Mediations?

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Sacred Soul Reiki offers monthly meditations! We also have many free online meditations! Check out our Youtube feed down below!

Archangel Meditations

Archangel Meditations are monthly meditations held at Sacred Soul Reiki facilitate by Linda and Tina. These are guided meditations that evoke the angels to help you with different things on your path. These meditations are also great for beginners, Linda is very good at helping people get into the meditation. During this series we have worked with some of the angels of each team of angels from the angel classes in meditations. Through meditation you can easily see and communicate with the angels from each team as well as your own angels. Each meditation in this series also has a quantum energy element, where Linda guides us into the quantum to help magnify the purpose of each meditation. So far the series has worked with the angels of: prosperity, love and romance, healing, protection and dreams/intentions. No matter how much you meditate come join us for an Archangel Meditation and meet some of the angels while working on your goals.

Free Online Meditations

 We are starting a series of FREE monthly online meditations. The series will help a beginner get into meditating as well as any person who has previously meditated. Each video will be about 20 minutes. Here is the first free guided meditation video in the series!


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