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Nature's Sunshine

Many of my clients ask me where to buy the best herbal supplements, oils, vitamins and organic holistic products. I tell them Nature Sunshine.


The reason I like Nature Sunshine products the most is because they can actually tell you where each of their products were harvested from and when. For example if you buy a packet of the Super Trio vitamins like I do, if you call and give them the lot number of your package they can tell you where and when those vitamins minerals and or herbs were harvested from so you know exactly where your supplements are coming from and what quality of supplements you’re getting. Why is this important, it lets you know that Nature Sunshine is concerned about quality and they are making sure their products are treated properly so they work with your body correctly. Most of us don’t know that vitamins that are bought over the counter are not always working with your body. If you don’t buy pharmaceutical grade vitamins they are not getting absorbs correctly by the body and they are then essentially doing nothing for you. All of Nature Sunshines products are tested and guaranteed to process in the body the way they are supposed to. 


They also have amazing cleaning products. We have a husky and there are times he has accidents and it can be hard to clean them up. Nature sunshine has an amazing enzyme spray that actually cleans the carpet and takes away the smell. It is called the Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray. If you have pets and you need a cleaner to help you make sure you get a bottle. They also sell it in a concentrate and you can use a capful to make a whole bottle. It cleans, pots, pans, carpets, clothes, fruits, and many other household items. You can find that under Sunshine Concentrate Cleaner.


The other great thing about Nature Sunshine is that if you spend $40.00 or more on your first purchase you can become a member and then get all of your products at a discount rate. You can also add yourself to their auto ship if you want your monthly products coming to your house automatically. The other great things is if you are not a fan of auto ship you don’t have to use it and can have your products sent only when you log on and purchase when you need item. You can be a member and have your products sent exactly the way you like.

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