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Angel Information

Here is a quick guide to the archangels and information about guardian angels! 

Quick reference guide to the 15 Main Archangels

Archangel Ariel usually comes in orbs of yellow, warm orange or red. While working with her you will feel a powerful presence like that of a mother lion.  Call on Ariel to help your pets or when you feel like you need a mother’s love or protection.

Archangel Azrael usually comes in an orb of purple hues with darker colors like grey or black. He comes in cloaked because he is a death angel. Although he may seem to look like “the grim reaper”, he really comes to earth cloaked so that we can’t see his amazing brilliant bright light. He only reveals his light to the human leaving the earth so the rest of us don’t just follow him home. Call on him to help with grieving and seeing the bigger picture in life. You can call him when a loved one is ready to pass, he will take them into the light.

Archangel Chamuel usually comes in orbs of gold and pink light. When Chamuel enters the room it is as if the angels sing his entrance into the room. You can often hear trumpets in the distance. Call on Chamuel in matters of the heart. He works with self-love, loving relationships, marriage, and all love matters.

Archangel Gabriel usually comes in orbs of blue. He sends many signs since he is the communication angel, you can see him in your dreams. Call on Gabriel to help you study, when you are looking at contracts, dream information, finding a new home/job and any type of communication matters.

Archangel Haniel comes in orbs of tans, yellows and oranges during the day but at night she is indigo and silver. Her presence feels very earthy and strong. Call on Haniel to help you increase feminine power, when you need to feel grounded or more in your body’s energy. She is the earth angel so she can help with any earthly problem including when you actually want to help mother earth.

Archangel Jeremiel comes in orbs of light yellow and sometimes different shades of light purple. He works more with inner feelings. Call on him when you need to find or sort out your inner feelings about things. He helps us realize what we need to for our own soul's path.  He helps us discern the best path that we should take for our own growth and light.

Archangel Jophiel comes in orbs of pink and rose colored light. She comes in a very warm loving energy and likes to wrap her wings around you to help you feel that love. Call on her for creativity, beauty and wisdom. Artists call on her to help them find and work with their creativity. She also helps us find more knowledge about the thing we want to know about.

Archangel Metatron comes in orbs of different hues of browns and reds. Sometimes his presence is felt the most, he has a very strong energy that surrounds you. Call on him to help with Addictions, ADD, ADHD and any type of syndromes that we may have. He is also the angel for children.

Archangel Michael usually comes in orbs of gold and red. Many times you will see his golden sword, breast plate or wings. Call on Michael for protection, clearing negativity and when you need to move things along in a new direction for yourself.


Archangel Raguel comes in orbs of maroon and gold. He helps us resolve conflicts and find harmony, when he enters the room a beautiful peace follows. Call on him for problem solving, harmony and empowerment.

Archangel Raphael comes in orbs of green. Raphael has a very gentle yet strong energy, he tends to touch us. Call on Raphael for any type of physical healing. He can help mend any pain, ache or health issue in the body. He is also the angel that helps us stay safe in travels. He will heal your animals too.

Archangel Raziel comes in orbs of gold, dark lavender and white light. You will sense his presence mainly in the corners of the room. He is the secret keeper, the abundance angel and knows all of the powers of the universe. Call on him in all matters of abundance. He is the one angel you can tell anything to and he will keep it safe forever. When you are looking to manifest and or understand the universe he is the right angel to talk to. 

Archangel Sandalphon comes in orbs of very light blue or solid white. He seems to be one of the tallest angels and you can sense his fluffy wings. He is the prayer angel. Call on him when you are praying or worrying about anything. He changes our worries to prayers and takes them to heaven and brings the answers back.

Archangel Uriel can come in any color of the chakras although she usually takes on a blue or orange hue. She helps with emotions so her energy can feel like water. Call on her for all matters of emotions, tests, studying, problem solving and spiritual issues. She helps wash us with beautiful calming energy to help with all of our emotional issues.

Archangel Zadkiel comes in orbs or silver or violet. He brings in most loving compassionate energy. He helps us forgive ourselves and others through the love of understanding.  Call on him for forgivness, compassion, remembering, finding lost thing

Our Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are angels that are with us all the time. We all have two angels that are with us twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. They really never leave our side. They are the angels that help us on a daily basis. These angels tend to leave us coins and feathers to let us know that they are around and helping us. The more you open up and talk to these angels the more they can help you. Allow yourself to connect to your Guardian angels as often as you can. I call these two special angels in our lives: our angel of self and our angel of protection. Many of us have a protection angel that is a clone of one of the Archangels. Basically a cloned angel means that this angel is an exact copy of the Archangel, the only difference is that the cloned angle be a bit shorter and they have smaller wings than the Archangel that they are a clone of the reasons that we have clones of the archangels with us is that the Archangels work with all of us and they can’t be with one person 24 hours a day 7 days a week so when we need their help on a continuous basis then send in a clone of them to help. These cloned angels can do everything the actual archangel can do on a slightly smaller scale.

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