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Reiki Classes

The reiki classes are taught by Linda in a traditional Usui method. Linda's focus for the class is on teaching reiki through the hand positions and symbols. Linda believes reiki is a journey and a sacred path that you embark on. Currently some new methods of reiki training are completely cutting these traditional teaching methods out of their reiki clases and because of this many of their students do not use their reiki. For this reason, at Sacred Soul Reiki, we cover not only the physical practicality of the reiki energy, but in my class you will also learn how to listen to the reiki and how to understand its intricacy on emotional, cerebral and spiritual levels.  

Reiki I

This is the first level of Reiki classes. You will be taught the hands on Reiki positions for self Reiki and Reiki on others, plant and animals. You will also learn the first symbol of Reiki as well as the story behind Reiki. You will receive a Reiki I Attunement and a Reiki I certificate for taking the class and certifying that you are now a Reiki I practitioner. 

Reiki II

This is the second level class for Reiki training. In this class you will learn the Reiki symbols and how to use the long distance symbol. You will also receive your Reiki II attunement and be given your Reiki II Certificate. For this class please bring a stuffed animal or pillow to class. We will use them, after we learn the symbols, to send distance Reiki that day. 

Reiki III

Reiki III is split into two days. In the first class, you will learn how to attune other people to Reiki level I, II, III. The class will be in two separate days because when you are learning to teach and attune others there is a lot of information. There will be some homework for this class and some time spent working with the energy before you get your final attunement. The second day of class will be determined during the first class. In the second class you will get your final attunement. There are different reasons to take the master class. The only reason you need to complete the Master course is truly if you want to teach and attune students. The master attunement is not needed if you are not going to be teaching. There are people who do want to get the master attunement just to complete their Reiki training and that is perfectly fine. There will be an OPTIONAL class in the middle, this is where you can come and practice your attunements on me and any others who attend the practice class. 

Supplemental Reiki Class

There will be a supplemental reiki class offered to anyone who is attuned to Reiki. While you are eligible to attend if you only have your reiki one certification, reiki two or higher is preferred. This is because the first level of reiki does not give the ability for the symbols to have as much power as in higher levels. This class will teach extra things I have learned from my years of doing reiki!

In the class will work with and learn some symbols that are great for healing like the Anti Virus symbol, Anti Cancer Symbol, and a few others. It will also cover how to clear someone from surgery by opening the Aura, cleaning it and closing it properly, the blood cleanse and also some other Hayashi techniques. We will also cover some grouding techniques how to move change and pull energy through and from the body. If there are any symbols you have but are not sure how to use please bring them to class and we will discuss them. I will also be looking at some of the symbols offered in The Magic of Reiki Book by Christopher Penczak.



Reiki I: $130

Reiki II: $130

Reiki III: $500

Suplemental Reiki: $50

Reiki I class: Coming soon

Reiki II class: Date Coming Soon

Click here to pay/book for Reiki I or II class or You can choose to pay the day of the class. 

Upcoming Dates


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Supplemental Reiki Class: Date Coming Soon


Reiki III Reiki Master Class: Date Coming Soon

Click here to pay/book for Reiki III class or You can choose to pay the day of the class. 

Note: Reiki classes are generally taught in groups, however Linda can do one on one classes for one person or a group of family/friends. 


Also if you are already attuned to reiki there is a discounted price if you wish to retake the class with Linda. You will need to show a valid certificate that you have already taken the class with another Reiki master.


Discounted Prices:

Reiki I: $75

Reiki II: $75

Reiki III: $250 

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