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Heather's Hours:


Mondays 11am – 5pm

Thursdays 11am – 7pm

Fridays 11pm-5pm

Most Saturdays 1pm – 5pm


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Reiki sessions can be as long as desired, and the price is $1 a minute.


Standard times/prices


15 minutes.............$15.00

20 minutes.............$20.00

30 minutes.............$30.00

45 minutes.............$45.00

60 minutes.............$60.00

90 minutes.............$90.00


If you are a first time client you will receive 10 minutes free on your first session. Meaning a 30 minute session will be $20.

Why should animals get Reiki?

All animals can benefit from Reiki to help them relieve stress from any emotional or physical trauma or illness they have had in their lives. Reiki helps balance their natural healing systems and energy patterns. This helps them stay healthy and happy! Reiki is a great supplement to your animal's care but in no way should replace vet visits.

Animal Reiki with Heather


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through everything and is the cause of life. If our or our animals “life force energy” is low our unbalanced, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki flows through the practitioner into the client. The practitioner is like the straw for the Reiki to flow through to the animal receiving the treatment. Reiki can work even faster with animals because they do not have any blocks to the energy. Since they are pure light they allow the Reiki in easily. 


Everything we and our pets experience in life impacts our energy field and, as a result, we become energetically unbalanced. This imbalance creates blockages which contribute to the development of illness in the body and mind. Healthy energy flow is essential for a vital life, and Reiki is used to identify energetic blockages and create balance to support maximum well-being.​​

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Heather is a Reiki Master, animal lover, and Husky Mom. She has been helping animals for most of her life.  Her reiki promotes healing through a safe and comforting environment.


Heather's Personal Story:

I love animals, more than anything. Dogs, especially, have always had a huge place in my heart. I was Reiki attuned when I was 13 by my mom, Linda, in the next few years I received my other two attunements and used reiki mostly with animals. I have practiced Reiki with my mom and dogs since I received my attunement. Recently my beautiful amazing husky, Miko, passed from cancer and it was during his last few months I saw the true power of Reiki for animals. He had gone in originally for an ear infection and all of his tests came back normal. When he kept not feeling well we knew something was wrong but all of his blood work was fine. It wasn't until we got an ultrasound that we found he had cancer. All of the vets I saw told me that they never would've guessed he was sick from how happy and healthy he looked and acted. I know that it had to be from all the reiki he was getting from my mom and I every day. The night he passed the only thing that eased his pain was us reiking him and my mom's animal meditation. Since his death, I have been searching for something to help other animals in his memory. I think Reiki is the perfect way to do that since it helped him so much. 

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