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Archetypal Life Coaching


Life Coaching: 

Will you be one of those people who careens into their grave a hootin’ and a hollerin’ or will you crawl in saying, “I wish…” or “If only I…?”


Life coaching is designed to help you achieve a state of mind, body and soul that is focused on living each moment of your life with passion.  Together, we will use the lessons learned from the story you have lived and create the new story of your future.  This is all about moving forward and shedding, or at least managing, those pieces (and people) in your life that are holding you back.  


Archetypal Life Coaching:

All of us have a story.  And, that story is filled with characters and events that often seem to repeat themselves – over and over.  The question is – do you want that story to continue in the future?  And, do these events and characters serve you or hold you back?

We can’t change the past, but we can change the future.  You can create a new reality filled with joy and love.  You can break old patterns and form new pathways of thoughts, behaviors, and communication. We begin our work (which is not therapy) with an identification of your primary archetype(s).  Archetypes are the constellated energy from the collective unconscious that forms specific attitudes and behaviors playing out within us and within others.  We see them in the mythology of all cultures and they have been discussed as far back as 15 BC.  Of course, it was psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s work that brought them to the modern world.


Examples of archetypes include:

The Hero – He or she who overcomes trials and demons to win the “challenge.”

The Caregiver – The individual who quickly realizes the needs of others, moving to take care of them.

The Innocent – The person who perpetually sees the good in all, viewing the world through rose-colored glasses.










Ginny Csider: 

Ginny Csider holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Saybrook University and is well versed in the application of archetypes in life coaching.  She is passionate, spontaneous, enthusiastic, and committed to individuals achieving the life of their dreams.With over 30 years of consulting, training and coaching experience, Ginny has succeeded in helping organizations across North America increase their revenue streams and enhance their organizational effectiveness.   She has also coached many individuals in their personal and professional lives, helping them achieve their goals and add passion to their lives.


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