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Tina is by appointment only, which means if you

want a massage with her at Sacred Soul Reiki

you will need to call her to schedule one!

Contact her by phone: (330) 635-0684



Tina charges $! a minute.



Massage is a form of health-enhancing proactive healthcare that reduces stress on the body. Taking part of regular scheduled massages (preferably a minimum of once a month) can play a huge part in how healthy you’ll be. 
Just because massage feels like a pampering treat doesn’t mean it is any less therapeutic. Some of the benefits of receiving a regular massage are:

  • Better sleep

  • Decrease in chronic pain

  • Greater sense of well being

  • Increased ability to deal with stress









Tina Zalewski has been an Ohio Licensed Massage Therapist since 2005. Her goal is to support, educate and empower people to reach their individual health goals. Helping people release stress and pain in their bodies allows them to reach a higher level of health. She practices a variety of massage therapies, including deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point massage, and customize every massage to the individuals needs.

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