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You can book different types of parties at your home or at Sacred Soul Reiki for your friends and family!


Angel Parties


Angel parties can be booked at your home or here at Sacred Soul Reiki. Linda can read angels cards as well as do a typical Angel reading based on which of the angels come in to talk with you. You can always ask the angels any questions that you like.  Sometimes guides or loved ones may show up and we can see what they have to say to you as well. The charge is $1/minute for each reading and the host of the party gets a free angel reading. If you book your party at Sacred Soul Reiki and would like me to provide snacks for the party that would be an additional charge.

Melt Party


Make the Melt a Party for you and your friends!

Throw a reiki, massage and tarot party at your home or at Sacred Soul Reiki. My Holistic Partners and I would  love to have you book a Melt party!  You can do it at Sacred Soul Reiki or we can come to you. The prices are the same as they are or the Melt special. Call today to set up a time. If you want to book one of these parties on a melt Wednesday at Sacred Soul Reiki you just have to book a week in advance. If you want food to be provided then there will be an additional charge. 

Spa Package Party


This party would be a custom party that would be held at Sacred Soul Reiki.  This party would consist of as many of the practitioners at Sacred Soul Reiki that you would like to book. You can custom your party to include any of the services offered at Sacred Soul Reiki. You could have a Tarot, Polarity, Massage party. Maybe an Archetypal coaching, Reiki, Tarot Party. Or Massage Polarty and Reiki. So these parties are based on the numeber of guests that you would like to have nd the number of services you would want to offer your guests. The practitioners all would be charging a dollar a min for their service unless it is set up beforehand with a set package price. Again the host of the party wil receive all of their services free. If you would like us to provide snacks for the party an additional charge wiil apply.

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