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December 5th 11:30 am- 5:30 pm

Reiki II Class

Reiki II will be held on December 5th 11:30 am- 5:30 pm. This is the second level class for Reiki training. In this class you will learn the Reiki symbols and how to use the long distance symbol. You will also receive your Reiki II attunement and be given your Reiki II Certificate. For this class please bring a stuffed animal or pillow to class. We will use them, after we learn the symbols, to send distance Reiki that day. The class is $130.

Please preregister for this class by Novemeber 28th. You can either call Linda at 440-823-0918


You can also use this link to prepay with pal pal by prepaying you automatically are registered for the class, if you wish to pay at class then you just need to let me know by the 28th of November that you will be joining the class.


Pay online right now!

Click the paypal button to pay online and register for the class!

Buy your reiki book:

If you don't have the Reiki I and II book click the book icon to purchase your William Rand reiki book for the class on amazon!

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