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Our Philosophy:

We believe that by incorporating holistic services into your daily life, it brings balance and harmony to all systems of the body. Using holistic methods for healing helps promote stress relief and allows you to take a significant part in your own path to wholeness. When you work with holistic services along with your regular physicians then you open yourself to the best care you can get. This helps you be healthy and happy on all levels. Just like regularly going to the gym or working out helps you maintain a healthy routine, holistic services are an important part of maintaining a healthy and happy life.


Because of this incorporating reiki is very beneficial. but can be partnered with other holistic services, such as massage, tarot and polarity.  Adding any or all of these services into your healthy regiment will keep you in the best physical, mental and emotional condition possible! We want to see everyone succeed at being a happy, healthy, successful individual!


Sacred Soul Reiki offers partnerships with a variety of holistic services to encourage self healing on all levels. These services include: Reiki, massage, tarot and polarity. 


Here is a brief description of  some of our holistic partners: 


  • ​Reiki, the most popular of our services, is a Japanese healing technique used to relieve stress and promote healing of the mind, body and spirit.

  • Massage is hands on manipulation of the body to relieve stress and relax muscles.

  • Tarot card readings are used to help explore a path or pattern in your life. By asking questions and picking cards the reader can help you make the best decision or give you helpful insights.

  • Polarity Therapy takes the whole person into consideration and uses energetic touch and acupressure to release energy blocks and restore balance.


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