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Paul is available by appointment only at Sacred Soul Reiki. To make an appointment contact him: 216-978-2144



Paul charges $1 a minute.

​So a 15 minute reading= $15

Tarot Readings


Tarot card readings are a old form of divination. Tarot cards are used to evaluate potential outcomes, and give an overview of what may or may not happen surrounding a specific question. The tarot reader uses the symbols and meanings of each card along with their intuition to "read" the cards that were picked for the reading. Tarot readings can be incredibly helpful when making tough decisions or to see another side of an issue. The cards can be used to answer questions about the past, the present, or the future, for yourself or for somebody else.









Paul has been reading tarot cards for about 12 years. He is a Licensed Minister and a Reiki Master. He specializes in answering important questions using Tarot. 

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